Fronte Violeta is formed by Anelena Toku and Carla Boregas. They investigate sound from encounters, its behavior in different environments and how it is constructed in a multisensory way. Permeated by a continuous interest in the presence of the natural world, the duo blends electronic music, sound and visual experiments in a mutable way, proposing immersive, performative or laboratory situations in which each project develops in a particular way.

Among their recent projects are the work “Clarão” that circulates between the visual, sound and olfactory fields, the audiovisual piece “Lapso”, the performance and laboratory based on an ephemeral sound score “Notação Floral” and the creation of the space dedicated to inventive sounds “AUTA”, in partnership with the artist Juliana R.

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During their stay in Serrinha do Alambari, Anelena Toku and Carla Boregas (Fronte Violeta) dedicated themselves to developing a project that would activate the perceptions that one has with the whole body, combining listening to other bodily sensations.

The recordings of the sounds of an iron gong, a dry bunch of juçara palm and a banana heart (typical plants of the region) were processed and edited during the creation of a sound piece for listening in a sauna session at the residence.

The piece was reproduced inside a ceramic vase (acoustic and thermal box inside the hot and humid sauna), combined with the ambient sounds of the sauna’s operation and its surroundings: the water in contact with the hot stones, the crackling of the woods under the fire, the breathing of the participants and the movement of the local fauna and flora outside the sauna.

Inside the sauna, orange peels and misty plume bush (tetradenia riparia) leaves were burned.