In the place where I live, every morning when I wake up, I meet my relatives, around the fire, in that hot place where we rub our hands and wait for the coffee to boil, while that happens, there is always someone in the family who starts sharing pictures and scenes of dreams that he or she had while he or she slept, we all listened attentively, and then an interpretation is made, after that another person takes the word to share some other dream, based on the interpretations that emerge from the previous dreams, in this way we based ourselves to make a decision of what kind of work will be done during that day and, as giving thanks to the ancestors that allow access to these other times and spaces, we bring fruits to them.

qi munib´al ri qatit qa mama (ofrenda de frutas para los ancestros)

qi q´ojon ri qa chaq qa nimalh ri e che´ ́y e ab´ej (música para nuestras hermanas y hermanos que son arboles y piedras)

kit kit kit

Q´aq´oj a molon k´a (reunidos estamos alrededor del fuego)